SELF-CONSUMPTION is a solution for companies which allows them to generate their own energy for their own consumption. The surplus is then fed to the grid.

Change is in motion.

Self-Consumption will change the energy model of our country and allow for efficient distribution where saving takes precedence. This will imply a radical change in the electricity system and the consumer, who will become the generator, will play a leading role.

Photovoltaic installations with a connection to an inner grid of up to 100 kW are included in Spanish Royal Decree 1699/2011, of the 18 November, which regulates the connection of low voltage electrical energy production installations to the grid.

esquema autoconsumo

With a lower investment than what you may think, you can have your own photovoltaic installation which will reduce the energy spending of your company. Self-Consumption brings about a surprising saving in electricity consumption, meaning that the investment of your company is worthwhile.

You can avoid constant increases in the price of electricity since the cost of your electricity will be the same for life.




Comparison between the Cost of Electrical Energy and Photovoltaic Energy


Grid Parity

Generating photovoltaic energy is cheaper than conventional methods, which allows us to offer a SAVING to our clients.




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