Energés is one of the leading companies in the Spanish photovoltaic market, we have been on it since 2004 and we have vertically integrated to encompass the entire value chain of the photovoltaic business. We know all the variables that influence the success of a project technical, financial and operations.

This market knowledge enables us to provide full guarantee Consulting services in the sale of photovoltaic. For his career, our organization has access to most promoters of solar parks in Europe, as well as investment funds interested in acquiring renewable energy assets.

The services we can provide in this area are:

  • Technical advice: development of Technical Due Diligence, solar resource studies, production studion.
  • Legal Advice: Legal Due Diligence Development, analysis of all permits and authorizations.
  • Financial advice: study of the economic and financial viability of projects, financial forecasts and profitability studies.

Those companies or individuals who are interested in buying or selling photovoltaic systems can use Energés to advise them of the best possible way in the sale.

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