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29 de April de 2018

Electrical assembly at La Jacinta PV Plant

31-03-2015.- Through their affiliate in Uruguay, HASFOY SA, ENERGES has successfully completed the Electrical Assembly work for the 65 MW “La Jacinta” photovoltaic plant, where they […]
29 de April de 2018

Electrical Assembly Work at Kiyu Wind Farm.

01-08-2015.- ENERGES, through their affiliate in Uruguay HAFOY SA, has started the Electrical Assembly work for the 50 MW Kiyú Wind Farm, as the electrical subcontractor […]
29 de April de 2018

Energes starts construction of Vallehermoso II power plant in Alcolea.

01-10-2015.- Energes has started work on the construction of a 1.89 MW photovoltaic power plant in Alcolea del Río (Seville). The project developer is the nonprofit […]
29 de April de 2018

Energes completes construction of Vallehermoso II Photovoltaic Power Plant.

Energes finished work on the 2 MW Vallehermoso II power plant in December. The power plant will produce 3,240 MWh per year, enough to supply electricity […]
29 de April de 2018

Start-up of La Jacinta Photovoltaic Plant

The 64 MW photovoltaic plant of La Jacinta in Uruguay recently started up following completion of the construction. ENERGES has carried out the Electrical Assembly of […]
29 de April de 2018

Gran Vega and Energes sign framework convention to promote rural development of the district

  On 1 February, the regional association “GRAN VEGA”, represented by Juan Carlos Expósito and Carlos López as the President and Vice-president respectively, and ENERGES, represented […]
29 de April de 2018

Industrial Self-Consumption: a viable option for businesses.

  Industrial Self-Consumption may be viable if we are able to match the solar generation curve with the load curve, in spite of the ‘sun tax’ […]
31 de May de 2018

Everything Ready for the Commissioning of “La Matallana”

The photovoltaic installation “La Matallana” of 2 MW has achieved the Commissioning. Only the connection to the grid is pending to start operating.    
13 de June de 2019
Energés Energía solar

We install 100kW in Torres and Ribelles

The 100kW Industrial Self-consumption photovoltaic installation of “Torres y Ribelles” is working. After 12 days of execution of the works and some more processing with Industry […]
Proyecto autoconsumo energía solar

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