Energes carries out Engineering, construction and comissioning of photovoltaic plants for residential market. Photovoltaic technology is reliable, do not produce noise and allows a rapid construction.

We assume designing and the necessary permissions, always working with the best technology available. We use our experience of 12 years in the sector and our know How in your projects.


Family House in Espartinas

Energes has designed a system that provides 40% of the annual power needs, the system of 3 kW includes 18 panels of 185 Wp. The photovoltaic field is integrated into the roof of the house, with a south orientation. The property is connected to the network and discharges the energy produced and not consumed.

Mariló Lahoz, owner of the plant, tells her story “Energes took care of everything, including obtaining all permits, they did their job quickly and effectively. Now we enjoy a clean and reliable source of generation, and in which we can monitor production every minute, we are aware that change is going much faster in society than in politics and we are delighted to participate


A photovoltaic system is the best choice for remote installations away from the net of utility, these systems are widely used for the supply of energy in homes, agricultural and livestock facilities, rural tourism centers.

They are effective and safe systems . Cut your dependency to the electrical grid by creating your own power plant and storage. Battery technology has made getting off the electrical grid easier than ever! Give us a call to find out more about your off grid capabilities.


Off Grid House

Energes has designed a system that provides 100% of the annual power needs of the house, the system of 6 kw includes 12 solar modules of 180 Wp panels and 14 batteries of 250Ah. The PV array is installed on the roof of the house facing south and the other components in an enclosure installation enabled.

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